patriciaWhen you live your right life, amazing things happen.

You stop feeling like a square peg.  You feel less overwhelmed and more in control.  You practice self-care and put yourself first. You find peace and happiness in your overall life.

As a life coach, I empower women and help them live their right life.

I help you establish clarity on your short-term and long-term goals.

I work with you to create a plan of action.

I help you find motivation, so you can approach each step on the path to your goals with courage and confidence while practicing self-care.

I provide you with ongoing support. 

While the fundamentals of my coaching are the same, my approach isn’t cookie cutter, simply because we are all so complex with so many different life experiences.

Why work with a life coach?

It’s human nature for all of us to feel unsure about what we’re doing at different points of our lives.  From time to time we want to move forward but we don’t know how – or we’re not even sure what direction we want to go in.  It can be overwhelming and we end up feeling stuck.  A life coach helps you move forward.

I can empathize with my clients who are going through transitions, or simply need support.  Why? Because I’ve been there myself.  It wasn’t always fun at the time (let’s be honest – it was sometimes really stressful and heartbreaking), but I learned that with every transition comes an opportunity to redefine myself. We all do.

We all face many of the same struggles

Trying to figure out your life direction.  Career decisions.  Marriage (or not).  Children (or not).  Elderly parents who need our help, empty nesters looking for purpose.  It goes on and on…

Looking inward and figuring out who you are, where you are going and what it all means is not always easy.  But the benefits of coaching are worth it as you find clarity, purpose, direction, confidence, empowerment, happiness and peace.

If you are looking for support then please contact me, I would love to speak with you!